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All Bloggers are Created Equal

All Bloggers are Created Equal

How many posts do you have out there that you have never published. They sit in your dashboard titled or not. They have body copy, or not. There are ones with images, some with links and some with pretty poetic prose, yet they sit, not published.


Why would we do that? Why would we write something, take the time to edit, ad links, photo’s and other descriptory media to the entry and then not publish it? I don’t understand this. Do you? At present count I have 26 unpublished posts. LMAO. I have to kick myself silly for this one.

If I were writing in my journal, pen in hand scribbling ideas and such they would be published right there in plain sight for mine eyes to see. I have been asking myself lately why I am not publishing what I write. Expectations maybe? Mine or yours? Or are they just perceptions? Mine or yours? And what are these expectations of, even? That the post could be judged good or bad, not read or simply programitacally speaking my language skills are not as strongly developped as my English skills. And the only way to better oneself is too continually learn and not fear the unknown. Regardless of how much planning or estimating or hypothisizing one does about a post; you really do not know what could happen when itthis goes live. And what is live but what another only sees in the privacy of their personal viewing space. Is it live at all?

I talk of languages because HTML and PHP are French to me. I think in English. When I think of these other languages it is in English first, followed by the translation into the language needed. French is my second language, however when I speak or write in french, the initial idea is in English. When I write a pos,t it still does not come natuarally to type code as I go adding links and such. That comes after.

So there are these 26 posts. There are the reasons, they are 26 posts you can not see. I tumble this conundrum round my head many hours per day. Geese that sounds a fright much eh?

What I tumble on low for hours is this: Online, others only get to read what I choose for them to read. I wish there was an off switch that could morph the initial idea to the final post in one large swoop. This medium is so new for artists. I think we are just learning to really let go with it. It’s weird. I have been writing for years and drawing but blogging is different. Way different. The only difference of significance is that you are the canvas as much as I am here. Being online has allowed for some much needed interaction of like-minds. This is apparent everywhere.

The magical thing in the blogosphere though, is the magic that happens when two seemingly unrelated topics, people, blogs, places or things talk to one another and find common ground. This kind of conversation just does not happen offline. Where else would you get to interact with celebrities, lawyers, fisherman, truck-drivers, designers, bloggers, artists, politicians, teachers, kids, family, friends, carpenters, stay-at-home-moms or dads, CEO’s, welders, dog-lovers, cat-lovers or spammers? Where else could this happen?

I got an email over the weekend from a musician. This musician is well known, ok. But the truth of the matter is, he/she knows, nothing greater nor lesser than I about the other than that information we each and/or others present online to be interacted with disseminated. The email was a comment about a post I had written not unlike any other that a reader could send me.

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This kicked me in the face this weekend. I couldn’t stop laughing because it was cool. We all have a way to communicate regardless of race, stature or status, equally now. We really do. And that folks is fantastic.

Blogging will continue to fascinate me for a long time; at least for another 26 posts. ;)


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  • Hi Jessica,

    what an interesting question. That’s what I ask myself very often too. There is so much trash on the internet. Isn’ t it? But I suppose you won’t recieve an answer. I think it would be very interesting to read or see all the posts which have never been published up to now. What do you think about it?

    Best wishes from Germany

  • Hi Bloggerin

    So you have many unpublished posts also :). Yes, there is a lot of trash, but the trash is only so to the person who is viewing/reading it. Said trash could be diamonds in another’s eyes.

    I have been pondering the idea of putting them all into a very large post. The 26 in one post perhaps. What about yourself… any plans to publish your un-published thoughts?

    …and best wishes from Canada ;) Cheers!

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