All I have is my balls….

Well, really all I have is my integrity, but saying it this way gets your attention alot more than if I had just said that..

Robert Scoble wrote yesterday that blog integrity is important, going on to say in more detail:

If you don’€™t disclose you’€™re being paid to blog, you’€™re gonna create a mess, like Edelman and Walmart did. That’€™s why I don’€™t like PayPerPost (which sponsored part of the conference yesterday). I don’€™t mind PayPerPost on the face of it. As long as you disclose you’€™re being paid, your integrity is intact.

The problem is that some simply don’t believe in being open about this simple fact.. whether it’s about PayPerPost, or whomever is paying your paycheck, some bloggers are simply not honest.

Not disclosing that you’re being paid to shill is one thing – not disclosing that you’re affiliated with someone before posting about it is another… and the list of what impacts integrity goes deeper than even that…

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It’s also about respecting other bloggers – about not stealing their content – about honoring creative commons restrictions on content – about honoring copyright – and about just basic human decency.

All I really want from others bloggers is for them to not yank my chain.. and don’t break my balls…

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  • balls is needed to gain credibility.
    But sometimes even if the newbie blogger have balls, no one listen.:P

    But off course payperpost like system, can be just ignored, because I think it will be too cheap to sell my morality for $10, which is over here 500. I can buy milk for my baby with that but still its way too cheap. I like to get paid for my research, but not that way.

    I won’t die for not to get paid for blog. Same goes with everyone, they should think that before jump in to destroy what left of morality.

  • To pay or not to pay or to be paid or not to be paid? Money is such a hot topic lately and the disclosure of it from bloggers.

    All I really want from others bloggers is for them to not yank my chain.. and don’t break my balls…

    I think that is what we all want Matt. It comes down to honesty. Before the honesty can be got to sometimes one has to break their own balls, crushing fear of oneself, to get to the nitty gritty (integrity).

  • I have about 20 paper maché balls Tony waiting for a fresh coat of paint ;) Not sure who that question was directed at but as a female I have balls except I tend to call them ovaries or hormones that bounce all over the place.

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