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Anonymous To Spam Facebook With ‘Uncensored’ Posts On April 6

Anonymous To Spam Facebook With ‘Uncensored’ Posts On April 6

Anonymous attacking Facebook April 6Hacktivist collective Anonymous will spam Facebook on April 6, 2013. The collective has promise to target the world’s largest social network with “uncensored material” that will clog up Facebook news feeds.

The fragmented groups known as Anonymous have attempted on various occasions to bring down social networks with no success, that of course does not mean they will stop now.

Anonymous is calling the campaign #OpTruthForce.

According to AnonNews:

“In past years we have seen a growing force around the world. Governments and corporations are working strategically to stop free speech by the people. In more recent months we have witnessed an increased number of account blocking and deletion by Facebook, of users who dare to ridicule, mock, satirize, or speak out against political leaders or corporations heavily involved with politics.”

If Anonymous can’t take down Facebook it appears that its new attempt will be to troll the social network as much as possible.

In it’s message Anonymous writes:

“All anons WORLDWIDE hit facebook with uncensored material. We shall continue this bombardment of material as long as we can—hopefully 24 hours. We will flood their system—their admins won’t be able to keep up. THEY CAN’T BAN US ALL AT ONCE!”

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According to SocialNewsDaily: “April 6 was chosen because it is the same day Mahatma Gandhi civilly disobeyed British law.”

Are you going to be joining Anonymous during its Facebook trolling attempt on April 6?


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