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Food Blogger Takes on the Ultimate Burger Challenge: 100 Meat Patties

Food Blogger Takes on the Ultimate Burger Challenge: 100 Meat Patties

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In the realm of gastronomic adventures, food bloggers are known for their audacious exploits and insatiable appetites. Recently, a Thai food blogger, Believe Me, I Already Ate, took on a challenge that left the internet in awe. Armed with an appetite for the extraordinary, he decided to order Burger King Thailand’s real meat burger with a staggering 100 beef patties. The resulting video of this daring feat quickly went viral, amassing over 6 lakh views and sparking a flood of comments on social media. Join us as we delve into this epic burger challenge and explore the reactions it garnered from netizens worldwide.

In a video shared by Believe Me, I Already Ate, we witness the food blogger placing the order for the colossal burger at Burger King Thailand. The dedicated staff at the fast food chain assembled the monstrosity with precision and care. As the burger was presented to the blogger, its massive size posed a challenge for him to handle on his own. However, the helpful staff stepped in, offering support so that he could take bites from the towering creation.

The viral video quickly captivated audiences, drawing attention to the extraordinary feat. Netizens flooded social media platforms with comments and reactions, showcasing their amazement and curiosity. One user humorously remarked, “He must have 6 hands like Ashura to be able to hold and eat easily.” Another user eagerly asked, “Let me see all the layers in one bite.” The sheer magnitude of the burger prompted questions about the best approach to tackle such a culinary behemoth. “Why don’t you grab one piece at a time?” pondered an inquisitive viewer. Amidst the comments, one sentiment prevailed – the burger appeared undeniably delicious.

Despite his valiant effort, Believe Me, I Already Ate could not conquer the entire burger. However, the leftover patties did not go to waste. In a display of culinary creativity, the resourceful food blogger transformed the surplus meat patties into a delectable stir-fry dish. This ingenious solution ensured that no part of the monstrous burger went uneaten.

Burger King Thailand‘s real meat burger is not for the faint of heart or the light of wallet. The basic version, consisting of three beef patties, is priced at 339 baht (approximately Rs 815). For those with an insatiable appetite, additional patties can be added at a cost of 100 baht (approximately Rs 240) per patty. This pricing structure allows customers to customize their burger experience, tailoring it to their desired level of epicness.

It all began as a joke. Burger King Thailand initially shared the post featuring the real meat burger as part of a series of playful ideas. Alongside the Real Cheese Burger and a variety of unconventional toppings, such as pickle, tomato, onion, and lettuce, the real meat burger was presented with a hint of irony. However, social media users quickly latched onto the idea, demanding the creation become a reality. To the surprise of many, Burger King Thailand listened to their audience and decided to bring the real meat burger to life.


Q: How many patties does the basic real meat burger come with? The basic real meat burger includes three beef patties.

Q: How much does the basic real meat burger cost? The basic real meat burger is priced at 339 baht (approximately Rs 815).

Q: Can additional patties be added to the real meat burger? Yes, customers can add as many extra patties as they desire, with each one costing 100 baht (approximately Rs 240).

Q: Is the real meat burger available outside of Thailand? No, currently, the real meat burger is exclusively available in Thailand.

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Q: What did the food blogger do with the leftover patties? The food blogger repurposed the leftover patties into a delicious stir-fry dish.

Q: How many views did the viral video of the burger challenge amass? The viral video of the burger challenge garnered an impressive 6 lakh views.

The daring exploits of food bloggers continue to captivate audiences worldwide. The epic burger challenge undertaken by Thai food blogger Believe Me, I Already Ate is a testament to the audacity and limitless culinary adventures that unfold in the blogosphere. As the video of this monstrous creation gained viral status, it incited widespread curiosity and admiration. Burger King Thailand’s decision to turn a playful joke into a reality showcases the power of social media and the influence of passionate food enthusiasts. While the real meat burger may be exclusive to Thailand, its legend and the ingenuity of the food blogger who dared to tackle it will surely leave a lasting impression on the world of gastronomy.

First reported by News18.

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