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ApartmentList Brings Apartment Hunting To Facebook

ApartmentList Brings Apartment Hunting To Facebook


Since most users these days want to do a majority of their web surfing on Facebook it only makes sense that more company’s are taking to the social platform to power their platforms and the newest offering is ApartmentList, a new app that uses an apartment matching engine and proprietary matching technology to search for a place to stay.

The program uses a Facebook users activities, activities of their friends and other lifestyle choices to recommend places they would fit in. The program also asks questions that might sound a bit goofy such as “what’s your favorite birthday cake” and “do you have any money in the stock market” which helps with recommendation filters according to Founder and CEO John Kolb.

Currently the company  is building a database of listings with more than one million already available, while an interactive map shows users where points of interest surround each apartment such as shopping centers, restaurants, even public transportation.

Users will also find editorial content about neighborhoods and cities and photos of apartments and other areas of interest taken by editors, area residents and other users of the service.

For social networking users who want their friends input on areas they are choosing the collaborative part of ApartmentList allows your friends to chime in on apartments you mark as your possible new home.

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Here’s a video demonstrating how ApartmentList works:

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