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As 2010 Ends, b2evolution 4.0 Begins

As 2010 Ends, b2evolution 4.0 Begins

After waiting many months the core developers of b2evolution released a stable version of their latest blog/CMS software (on Christmas day nonetheless).

While many of the changes are under the hood, version 4.0 does packs some helpful changes which should make it easier for bloggers sporting the software to combat comment spam.

This version has been one year in the making. If you look back at feature lists for the alpha and beta releases, it is pretty impressive how many new features have been added, as well as the polishing of existing features to make the usage of the software more efficient. There also have been quite a few additions to make spam cleaning a breeze with one click javascript (Ajax) actions. […]

This version also has a new default: users will no longer receive email notifications by default for every spam comment that people attempt to post. (b2evolution News)

As mentioned earlier during their beta release, b2evolution 4.0 also supports a fully functioning Twitter plugin which should help the nimble blog/CMS compete against what is quickly becoming a crowded market.

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Despite sharing some of the DNA of its WordPress sibling, b2evolution has not gained as much popularity of its former sibling, although the developers are hoping to change that throughout the upcoming years as they build towards version 5.0 in 2011.

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