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At work Twitter usage costing UK businesses £1.4bn a year

At work Twitter usage costing UK businesses £1.4bn a year

Hands up if you use Twitter at work?

Thought so.

If you’re in the UK (and presuming you don’t own your own business) you’re part of a statistic that’s allegedly costing British companies £1.4bn ($2.3bn) each year.

The rising popularity of Twitter, probably fuelled by celebrities and TV magazine shows, means that on average 40 minutes each week by each British office worker.

The 1,460-strong survey by IT services group Morse drew the conclusion that Twitter was causing a “productivity strain” on business.

As we’ve seen before, many companies still don’t have up-to-date policies on Internet usage at work, although it does seem as if employees are trying to get round things by looking at the letter rather than the spirit of such rules.

For example, many companies have banned the use of Facebook during office hours, but not Twitter.

Surely it would be better, rather than naming every possible social network and service that’s a no-go area, to have an overarching policy about what general activities are and are not acceptable during working hours.

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One-third of those workers questioned said that they had seen sensitive information posted on social networks, but 84% said that it should be up to them what they posted online.

That’s a dangerous attitude to take, as there are very often general rules about what company information can be published, regardless of what medium.


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  • 10 years ago, I remember writing about, shock horror, how email was costing the workplace fortunes in lost time because employees were using it to flirt online. Now everybody takes it for granted. Today’s 20 somethings cannot fathom arranging their sex life without the use of electronic aids (the virtual aids, as opposed to the manual ones).

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