Australian Library deems TSSH “Nationally Significant”

If only we had a strange but true category this would fit the bill.

The National Library of Australia (NLA), the taxpayer funded monolith on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, has deemed that underdog Australian humour/ entertainment blog The Spin Starts Here, best known to Blog Herald readers for attempting to crucify Australian singer Delta Godrem, as a blog of “national significance” and has requested rights to archive the blog for all perpetuity.

What the people of the 22nd century will make of it all would be interesting, if we all actually lived that long to find out.

How many tax payer dollars are going in to archive the blog were not made clear, however TSSH editor Caz described the NLA as “Poor, deluded fools” and went on to question the decision asking “[what] the f*ck”.

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The decision follows the recent inclusion of other Australian bloggers including Tim Blair to the national archives.

(ed note: congrats to Caz and friends)

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  • When I lived in Perth, WA, I was subjected to great mirth when the British Government issued a pamphlet advising people how to wash themselves! I’m also reminded of the US Congress’s grant of $10m for scientific research into the mating habits of hermaphrodite Polish toads. Let’s face it, governments are nuts!

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