B2evolution 4.0 Launch Delayed?

It looks like b2evolution fans will have to wait a “little longer” before they can try out version 4.0, which is currently in pre-alpha mode (which is geek speak for not ready for public testing).

Apparently b2evolution 4.0 was suppose to roll out in April, but unfortunately the developers were not happy with what “b2evo” was in its current state, and have decided to post pone its release until the platform is ready for prime time (at least for testing purposes).

We tried to put so many new features into b2evolution v4, and we tried to make everything so perfect, that by asking us for a release date, we just had to make a wild guess. […]¬†Well, it turns out that at the end of April, we were not satisfied!

Sure, we were satisfied about everything that had already been done. But we were not satisfied about the big picture and the global coherence of the development at that stage. Making an alpha release at that point wouldn’t have made much sense beyond “being on time” for the sake of “being on time”. (Official b2evolution Blog)

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For those of you who do not remember their geek history, b2evolution is the estranged brother of WordPress, as both started out “way back when” before going along their separate paths.

Hopefully we will see b2evolution 4.0 reach the light of day sometime soon, as its one of the few platforms with the potential to threaten WordPress (provided they revamp their UI of course!).

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