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Blogger: Add iGoogle Gadgets To Your Blogspot Blog

Blogger: Add iGoogle Gadgets To Your Blogspot Blog

Google is currently beta testing a new feature on Blogger powered weblogs (aka blog*spot) which will allow users to integrate features usually seen on iGoogle within their site.

(Blogger in Draft) We’ve added some fun new functionality to Blogger in Draft: Google Gadgets for your blog. This feature lets you add pretty much any Google Gadget to your blog’s sidebar.

The Gadget directory is the same one used on iGoogle, which means there are thousands of Gadgets available for you to try.

Despite the fact that Google gadgets were primarily made for iGoogle, blogger users focusing on a certain niche (such as video games, politics, travel, science, finance, etc.) may find some of these features to be complimentary to their site.

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This feature is only open to “the draft” version of Blogger (or, which is basically is an eternal beta site for Google to test out new features before rolling them out to the rest of the population.

Note: Users can apparently insert Adsense within an iGoogle feature, which may present another opportunity for users to earn income by creating popular gadgets.

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  • ‘fancygens’ dot com has some great gizmos and gadgets. i’ve just started doing the whole blog thing….I know, maybe a little slow on the uptake, but I think any sort of widget you can put on your site to get people to stay a bit longer or divert them to another usefull part of the site, is a good thing.

  • Still this feature has been present by simply adding the javascript code for the gadget with a blogger HTML widget. Look this site for instance; its full of google gadgets:
    Google Mini Apps
    But of course it will be much easier with a dedicated widget for adding google gadgets.

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