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Blogger bounced from Disneyland

Blogger bounced from Disneyland

A blogger has been banned from Disney Land for giving “unathorised tours”.

“Disney Blogger” Jim Hill told AP,“They were being so serious, so Disney, so polite and professional – but at the same time treating it as if it was a nuclear bomb threat in their park it was laughable,” he said Friday, recalling his encounter last week with park security at Disney Land in Anaheim, Calif.

Hill said that he had been providing walking tours in person of Disneyworld two or three times a year for several years, charging $25 per person. He vowed to continue via MP3.

“I can do it now from the comfort of my home in the woods,” said Hill, who lives in New Boston.

Hill says Disney officials shut down his tours after three women who thought they were signing up for an official tour ended up in his tour group.

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Hill claims that Disney is trying to silence him. According to AP, “In the 25 years that I have been writing & telling stories about the Walt Disney Company, this is the first time ever that Mickey has made an effort to gag me. And – to be honest – it wasn’t a very pleasant experience,” Hill wrote.

AP reports that Disneyland spokesman Bob Tucker responded in a statement: “Only qualified Disneyland Resort cast members are authorized to provide tours of Disneyland. Since Mr. Hill’s tour was not authorized he was asked to leave the property.”

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