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Blogger Embraces Change, Adopts REAL Anti-Spam Defenses

Blogger Embraces Change, Adopts REAL Anti-Spam Defenses

The boys and girls at Google have finally provided Blogspot fans with an alternative to fighting comment spam without having to resort to the dreaded CAPTCHA’s (which stopped working many months ago).

Unfortunately, spammers have been finding their way into these conversations. To fight spam, some of you enabled moderation of all comments or required word verification or login. While somewhat effective, these checks limit real-time conversations around your blog.

To address this, we’ve integrated Google’s spam filtering technologies into the Blogger comment system. […]

Here, you can permanently delete spam comments by selecting them and choosing Delete. You can also mark comments as Not Spam that have been incorrectly classified as spam (what we call the “false-positives”). Choose Not Spam and the selected comments will be moved out of the spam list and will be immediately published on your blog. (Official Blogger Buzz)

This is a welcome development as CAPTCHA’s have proved to be more of a nuisance for readers of Bloggger blogs, and did little to thwart the rising tide of human spam.

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Adopting this anti-spam feature also means that Blogspot fans will no longer have to outsource their comment sections to Intense Debate or Disqus, and instead keep all of their comments “in house.”

Other platforms like OnSugar have also adopted similar measures, and hopefully Google’s entrance can encourage other blog platforms to abandon the silly word puzzles completely (not to mention those silly quizes as well).

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  • Truth be told this was Blogger’s only major weakness (well, outside not letting users self host), but I’m glad that they are giving users a choice now. :-)

    Unfortunately it will convince my friends not to switch to WordPress now.

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