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Blogger Finally Gets Design Improvements, Better Editing System

Blogger Finally Gets Design Improvements, Better Editing System

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Google on Wednesday revealed massive changes to their Blogger system, including a new design and a much improved editing system. The announcement marks the first time in years that the company has released a major update to their blogging system.

Users willing to try out the new system should receive a pop-up announcement starting today when they log into their blogger accounts.

According to the company the new system is meant to look more like Google’s current aesthetic, while providing a simplified post editor that offers more features to keep users posting on the rather archaic blog platform.

The company has also announced a new “Overview” section which allows users to view recent traffic and blog comments for their Blogger based accounts.

According to Blogger Product Manager Chang Kim:

“We’ve rewritten the entire editing and management experience from scratch so it’s faster and more efficient for you — and easier for us to update and improve over time.”

The platform also isn’t done changing with Kim noting:

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“We’re working hard to fundamentally revamp and improve the Blogger experience from the ground up, and we hope you enjoy the first in a series of major updates that are on their way in the coming months.”

So there you have it, Blogger is now slightly less archaic than it was but still has a long way to go if it plans to compete with the likes of WordPress, Tumbler and even Twitter (Evan Williams founder of Twitter sold Blogger to Google in 2003).

What do you think of Blogger’s newest look and feel.

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