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Bloggers: Act Your Age!

Bloggers: Act Your Age!

Ia Lucero over at the Blog Tutorials blog has an interesting piece on why we bloggers should act our age on our blogs. And this doesn’t only mean we should do so on our blog posts, but also on comment threads, and perhaps other design elements of our blogs. Of course, it follows that your blog writing style should reflect your intent on your blog. If you run a serious blog, then you should at least try not to be too informal. If you run a personal blog, then it’s all right to loosen up a bit. The important thing is keeping within context.

Keep smilies, swear words, and other informal language out of serious pieces (news, essays, technical discussions). On the other hand, if you wish to get through to your audience as clearly and comfortably as possible, try loosening things up a bit. See what appeals to them and use that to your advantage. Make them comfortable enough to realize that “hey, this blog speaks my language” as opposed to “hey, this blog is full of big, pretentious words.” We don’t want pretentiousness. (And we go back to trust and truthfulness!)

Speaking of blogging styles, Freelance Switch has a list of 15 blogs that bloggers might want to check out, not just for the content, but also the writing style.

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So it’s not simply acting your age, but also acting appropriately, depending on the context. When you’re at a children’s party, you would be expected to participate in parlor games. When you’re at an evening formal, you would look silly if you wore blue jeans. Same goes with your blog. Otherwise, you stand to lost the trust of your readers.

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