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Blogging Choices

Blogging Choices

Yesterday, I made the choice to leave the Blog Herald as a contributor. Choices like this one can take longer to make for some people. In my case it has taken about a month. During these past 30 days I have learned that yes, I am a blogger and more than that I am an artist who not only practices the art of writing but that of image making, designing and gardening to name a few.
It takes a special person to be able to report and write on the blogosphere. I discovered I am capable of doing so and am pleased with that revelation. The conversation here on the Herald has been eye-opening as it has been special for me. Matt gave me a chance and Abe extended that opportunity to me. I’m leaving knowing I did the best I could do. I look forward to being a commenter again.

I’ll be focusing my creative energy offline, as much as online, on my personal blog.

Cheers all and Happy New Year!

The following is a quote from Trust Each Moment as it is.

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This is not so much a matter of needing to slow down as it a matter of priority to dig a little deeper into the crevices for the dirt that needs cleaning.

Jessica Doyle – emotion creator

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