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Blogging important for branding, says Social Media Portal

Blogging important for branding, says Social Media Portal

UK-based Social Media Portal (SMP), which tracks the global use of social networks, believes that it’s vital for companies to build their brands through blogging.

Blogs provide a place for two-way interaction between the organisation and consumers, and allow customers to provide valuable feedback on how the brand is doing.

“Blogs will continue to play an incredibly important role for brands and they should be looking not only to be managing their own blog, but rather becoming part of the blogging community and contributing,” she said cofounder and editor of the SMP, Rachel Hawkes.

Of course, a corporate blog has to be real if it’s to be taken seriously by customers and consumers. Blatant PR exercises are highly likely to damage a brand, no matter how good they might seem at the time.

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  • This only applies if there is some universal defintion of a blog. A blog can be anything to anybody. What does being “real” mean?

    Many companies produce blog for promotional purposes. Any contribution will only promote the company more.

    That being said, aren’t most blogs about promotion? Promotion of A person. An idea. A candidate. A cat. A video. Your gaming skills. Your favorite team.

    Why would it be any different for corporate america?

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