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Blogging Predicted by 19th Century Russian Prince

Blogging Predicted by 19th Century Russian Prince

Russian bloggers are claiming that blogging was predicted in the 19th century by a Russian Prince in a book titled ‘€œYear 4338’€?, written in 1837.

According to Mosnews, the Prince wrote:

‘€œHouses are connected by means of magnetic telegraphs that allow people who live far from each other to communicate,’€? Odoevsky wrote.

Even more interestingly, Odoevsky suggested every household would publish a kind of daily journal or newsletter and distribute it among selected acquaintances, a habit which Russian bloggers immediately recognized as blogging.

‘€œWe received a household journal from the local prime minister, which among other things invited us to his place for a reception,’€? one of Odoevsky’€™s characters tells a friend.

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‘€œThe thing is that many households here publish such journals that replace common correspondence. Such journals usually provide information about the hosts’€™ good or bad health, family news, different thoughts and comments, small inventions, invitations to receptions.’€?

(via Steve Rubel)

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  • Besides being over 2000 years off it is somewhat funny to see predictions like this being made by writers in the past. The best of this would be the predictions done by Nostradamus but this example contains some truth as well.

    Yet with this writer you can also have a somewhat skeptical look. Writing journals after all is something which men has done for ages. He just predicted a change in the setting in which these were written.

  • [The Blog Herald recently discovered a Russia news report which claims blogging was predicated back in 1837 by Prince Vladimir Odoevsky. In his book entitled ‘Year 4338′ Vladimire spoke of families keeping daily journals to update friends and neighbors about what was happening in their lives…]

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