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Blogging the Canadian Election

Blogging the Canadian Election

Canada is going to the polls early next year after the fall of the Liberal Government, and the booming Canadian blogosphere is providing some great coverage.

Blogs Canada has always been my source for anything to do with the Canadian blogosphere and the site has a great list of Canadian political blogs.

The Blogging Tories provides election coverage as well as links to a large number of conservative bloggers.

LibBlogs and Progressive Bloggers do the same for the left of politics.

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The MSM in Canada look like they are into blogging in a big way as well with blogs from CTV, Canwest, The Globe and Mail and CBC.

The official party blogs tend to vary in quality however. The Conservatives Campaign blog is definitely the nicest looking of the blogs, although like the Liberal Blog provides no comment or trackback features. The weirdest award goes to the guy pictured on the Bloc Quebecois blog, who I’m presuming is their candidate. Check out the photo!

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  • As a Canadian who Blogs – I am in the opinion that SUCKS … we have been unable to add our blogs to their blog directory since August 2004 .. life has changed since then.. I don’t trust blogs about our upcoming Canadian Election found through their site. Sorry. Their Top Blogs are a joke and out of date.

    I wonder how many other Canadian Bloggers feel about that?

    Meanwhile.. if you click on the “Blogging News” link .. you see two sources .. Google News and .. The Blog Herald news … // congrats on that.

  • “the guy pictured on the Bloc Quebecois blog, who I’m presuming is their candidate.”

    Actually, Nick Denton is selling Gawker and moving to Canada… to team up with that guy ;-)

  • I’ve been submitting a daily post about the federal election to my blog (which usually covers communications and PR issues only). I’ve got a little bit of experience in politics , most recently working on Gérald Tremblay’s campaign for the Montreal municipal elections after doing the ADQ campaigns in the past.

    You’ll find my blog here:


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