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Blogging the UK Election

Blogging the UK Election

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland goes to a general election on May 5 and bloggers are set to play an important role in covering the election campaign.

The BBC leads the way with The Election Monitor Blog, covering the campaign in detail including daily summaries of newspaper headlines, details of political advertising and reader feedback. Includes an RSS feed and the ability to comment (ed note: what the heck in BST? what happened to GMT?)

Channel 4 provides 8 different election “blogs”, including coverage from candidates, sitting MP’s and journalists. Note that there is no RSS, comments or other blog features, so their claim as blogs is a little stretched

2005 General Election Blog provides all over coverage

Conservativehome Blog
is covering the election from the Tory perspective

Election blogs and forums provides a good list of blogs and forums covering the election

Bloggers 4 Labour cover the red side of things, as does Tory Trouble as does Tory Scum.

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Election Watch looks promising, as does VoxPolitics and Politicalog.

A number of special interest blogs are also covering particular areas of the election, including the UK Polling report, naturally covering the various election polling, covering the ongoing allegations of fraud with postal voting in the UK, and Backing Blair, which is seeking to oust UK Prime Minister Tony Blair whilst assuring that Labor remains in power.

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  • BST stands for British Summer Time. It’s one hour ahead of GMT and is sometimes referred to as Daylight Saving Time, a phrase well-known in the States, I believe.

    Yes, many of us are blogging the UK election. If your readers would like a slightly sideways, wry look at the upcoming poll, they may like to look at my own blog: SYNTAGMA, found at

  • My constituency, Sedgefield, has eleven candidates so far, but the BBC only mentions nine of them as I write.

    So why do they get a mention and not me?


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