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Bloggy Network Sells Blog Directories

Bloggy Network Sells Blog Directories

The Bloggy Network* has recently put three of the more established blog and RSS directories on the market, namely Blog Catalog, Eatonweb Portal, and 2RSS.

Within 24 hours of the Blog Catalog being listed on sitepoint (related news on Blogging Pro), the blog directory sold for its BIN price of US$40,000. 2RSS, meanwhile, sold for its BIN of US$ 7,000, while the BIN offer for Eatonweb as of this writing is currently US$ 10,000.

What’s notable with such directories is that they usually get great Google PageRank juice, given the link-exchanging nature of directories and the listed blogs/rss feeds. For instance, Blog Catalog and Eatonweb are PR7, and 2RSS is PR6. Google says Blog Catalog and 2RSS are #1 for queries on blog directory and rss directory, respectively.

Bloggy Network discloses that the reason for selling was that they could no longer give as much attention to these sites as needed, as their main focus is on BlogFlux, a major blog services portal which Bloggy merged with in early 2006.

It does seem that the market for high quality blog-related sites is still strong these days, and perhaps even getting stronger!

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* A note on Bloggy Network. Some of you might recall that the transfer of the Blog Herald’s ownership last December caused some confusion, particularly with the name Bloggy Network. Harsh words were exchanged–but not necessarily from the owners of either party, I might add. Well, you may notice from our Disclosures page that the network formerly known as Bloggy Network Ltd. is now Splashpress Media (and has been that way for quite some time now). We are pleased to say that we’re on good terms with Bloggy Network LLC and that both the trademark for the term “Bloggy Network” and the domain name are on the way to Jacob Gower and his impressive company.

Now what’s that about the issue of not linking to competitors that we’re hearing about?

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  • Well J.angelo considering you work for Bloggy its doesn’t count.
    Can you tell me why you guys deleted the 901am launch post. If it was just to hurt it worked. I literally have no respect for you guys at this point at the Herald.

    Then you couldnt respond to a simple email asking why.

    Ugh pisses me off. Then you have the balls to send that arrogant little comment.

    Such balls is all I have to say.

  • David, I no longer work for Jacob. I resigned late last December.

    As for your 901am launch post, I’m not aware of any post we deleted. At least I can personally say I’m not in the habit of deleting posts here at the Blog Herald (likewise the other editors here, most likely). And I’m not aware of any email you sent to that effect. Did you address it to our gmail, or the editor (at) blogherald (dot) com address? I think we only got hold of this email account when the site was completely transferred to our server–it could be possible that emails got lost in the process.


  • I see some private emails were passed around. Great. :) Yeah I will resend the post to you although I’m disgusted that private emails were shared in all of this. How else would J.angelo have knowledge of this???


  • Private emails? David, teams talk about stuff and team members mention things they know that may be relevant about the discussion. So the context or the spirit of an email may be written about (“Hey, xxx wrote me to say he wants yyy,” for instance). But that doesn’t mean private emails get passed around.

    Oh well, just send away, and we’ll put it back up.

  • No,
    That should have been a private discussion between me and Mark Saunders. In fact we had a non disclosure agreement which he has now violated.

  • While we’re setting the record straight, David, would you care to explain these remarks you have made on 901-:

    “I left mostly because I felt like I was misled by the new ownership.”
    – In what way were you misled in any form?

    “then they steal one of my friends blog posts?”
    – How can one steal a blog post from a blog one owns the content of? Or are you reversing the position you took re: Dan Zarrella’s 3 mos.’ of content, which we were forced to take down post-sale of JOAB, under a DMCA threat, against your advice. And at any rate, you knew this to be an error of ‘feature post editing’ and not an act of malice.

    “I left the Blog Herald after I found out how they were going to run things”.
    – In what capacity were you offered to stay at the Blog Herald? And what plans were you party to, in terms of the future running of it?

    “The Blog Herald officially sucks. Not that I have it all figured out. But seriously the spammy links in the sidebar are out of control. Hello, Google we have pagerank selling on aisle 9.”
    – As you are fully aware, most sites’ income is derived chiefly from TLA. Matt also passed on some privately sold links, to which we have added. Are you calling TLA spammy? Isn’t it you who always says “revenue is key”?

    “Earlier yesterday I did a post on the Iranian Blogger Situation. Initially, I was fine with it. But I’m a bit irked because well truthfully its beginning to be a pattern for the boys over at the Bloggy-Network.”
    – Accusing Tony Hung of copying your blog posts?? Surely you know Tony better than that, and if there are other posts, name them- don’t insinuate through innuendo.

    “The Blog Herald has taken a ground in which they don’t link to us.”
    – Oh. You mean as a “friend”???

    And the trimming down of the authors, explained here-:
    was a difficult, and sensitivity-wise, a tricky decision- owing to the large list of current writers and more to come (extending the footer disproportionately), so we moved the older authors to the archives- with all their posts intact, and correctly attributed. With the new design, a whole tribute page will be devoted to Duncan, as well as Matt, and he has a link which wasn’t there before in “friends”- as do many other blog news-related sites have (yes, friendly competitors), in all due respect.

    This and more….do you see the pattern? Making yourself look good, at our expense- with propaganda that you, probably in your self-delusion, believe- but is nevertheless in reality, completely untrue.

    Sure, you call things as you see them. Problem is, when one isn’t self-aware enough to recognize an inherent bias- then it doesn’t make for balanced news coverage, or for that matter, mending future bridges. And what I have listed above is just a fraction of the duplicitous and sly games that we are aware of- that you have been up to from the get-go. I take comfort in the fact that in the long-term the truth will be out.

    Let me personally praise you for your great achievement with 901am- and done in such a short time with fantastic energy. In my opinion, there is no beating your obvious talent and even brilliance. Having said this, I personally value honesty and integrity above such qualities- and if you could refrain from the constant schoolboy sniping and stirring at my writers- who are decent human beings, doing their best and trying to support their families- that would be an appreciated act of decency.

    I don’t like bullies and you are certainly a bully. You don’t respect us? Hmmm…’lack of respect’ is a refrained way of expressing my feelings towards you right now.

    Oh and a big UGGGHHH to you too, mate!!

  • It was Matt who told me that you owned the content on BH (after I had asked him) and were likely to take it off- & then it wasn’t there post-server move. You never sent me any email to that effect.

    Never mind…this is a waste of energy.

  • Mark,
    You signed a non disclosure for most of the sale stuff. I’d appreciate it if you kept it that way. Not the way I like to do business. If you were this frustrated before you should have told me.

    Sorry if I have hurt you, upset you or whatever. I’m an emotional guy. I feel hurt by a lot of how this has gone down. I stood up for my friends just like I will always do.

    Sorry you find me so repulsive. I make mistakes. Obviously I’ve made one by offending you so bad that I have to look like an ass by you taking me to the cleaners with all this pent up stuff that should have been handled through proper channels.

    Seriously I’m a good guy to the people that know me. I’d go to war and back for them. Times a hundred.

    We should just agree not to do business again in the future if thats how you feel for real.

    As far as comments regarding 901am, thats a publication I publish.
    TLA is a company I have done work for, and will continue to push
    as a recommended source of income. It’s how its presented that I usually look at.

    Again my deepest apologies for coming off as a complete asshole. I guess sometimes I am misunderstood. I hope this was the case. Otherwise maybe you are right. And I’m just a selfish madman. I’m really hurt at the moment. I’m not sure what to say.

    Maybe there isnt anything to say. Maybe I can’t say anything….

  • David. I don’t hold grudges. I don’t want to be enemies with you. And I’m sorry that I lost my temper and said things which were inappropriate and unwise. I just had Tony on IM (knocking some sense into me!) and he’s editing some of the comments to take out the sensitive, or should I say foolish bits- as well as putting up a new post for 901’s launch. As a matter of goodwill, I’m putting up a link in “friends” for 901am.

    I admire you and I don’t think you’re an asshole. I just feel that you’ve been an asshole to me and I verge on the side of paranoia when it comes to anything from you. I see you have a lot of friends and supporters- so obviously, you have a lot going for you on a personal level.

    The BH is a monster of a site to take over and all I can say is that we’re doing our best. I’m terribly thin-skinned, which is perhaps not a good thing- so I do read what you write, take it to heart and “stew in my wooing pot”, as my Uncle would say.

    **p.s. addition** Just for the record, and to indulge my own obsessive nature- all I personally ever signed for the BH purchase was a sales contract, of which only one part still holds a non-disclosure element, for the benefit of Problogging- which I will never reveal. All else can be revealed by either party openly- sales price, etc, etc. The NDA on Problogging’s side was not to release the terms and conditions of sale “until a time of the buyer’s choosing”- to which they kept to, and ironically this backfired on us a bit- while we waited until the date of exchanged contracts, to reveal our identity (while the sale announcement had already been made). My point here is that you are mistaken in saying that any non-disclosure agreements are existing, beyond what was in the sales contract- to which you were not a signatory. And you and I certainly never had any such written or verbal agreements. Nevertheless, I did not share any of your emails to me or, for that matter, use any of your ideas for the development of BH.**

    Let’s draw a line under this now. It’s just childish and reflects as badly on me as it does anyone. Screw all that has happened in the past. I appreciate your direct, honest feedback- if based on fairness. Just give us the benefit of the doubt sometimes, in our intentions. We’re not as savvy as you at this.

    I’m emailing you privately now as well.


  • I can come across as an asshole like I’ve said. I’m stern. I speak my mind. Sorry to do this. I’m like the Dad who loves his child enough to want to see it blossom.

    You have no idea how many times a day I come back over here. Wishing hoping that things would be this way or that way.

    In fact I do see us as competitors. BH and 901am. But competitors in a brotherly spirit. Maybe I can come across a bit Josephaic sometimes. It’s because I cherish things I’ve been involved with.

    I’m a passionate creative. Many of us are madmen. Maybe I am. Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully after all of this we can push some water and some scotch under a bridge and move on.

    I don’t think I laid out any lies. I feel as though I’ve been truthful in all of this even the part about staying on with BH even if it was just a sales capacity.

    Life is how we perceive it. And we always want others to perceive it the way we see things. I know thats one of my faults. Seeing reality in a different perspective and wishing, hoping, dreaming that others would see it the same way I did.

    Even if at times its not the journey that they were intended to travel down. I consider myself a leader, sometimes a foolish one. But if there were not foolish leaders no one would take the first step.

    So apologies accepted. Let’s move on in a spirit of goodwill.

  • Hey guys. All I can say is that I’m quite relieved now that I read the last two posts! I respect you both a lot.

    Here’s a toast to the success of both The Blog Herald and 901am!

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