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Blogreview: Blogging Canadian style

Blogreview: Blogging Canadian style

On the day a Royal Canadian Navy ship sailed into Fremantle (the captain was interviewed on local radio), we have the pleasure of reviewing one of many blog review/ links sites available on the web, a site that provides not only a resource and picture of blogging in Canada, but a insight into a country that is often overlooked for its more powerful neighbour to the South, yet despite this influence remains a proudly independent member of the Commonwealth of Free Nations (well mostly free, just ignore Zimbabwe and a number of other strange African states), Blogs Canada.

As already mentioned, link and review sites are a “dime a dozen” on the net. Many look similar and provide nothing more that the opportunity for 2nd rate sites to gain links to their web pages. Blogs Canada is not one of those sites.

Offering a clear, concise and quickly loading layout, Blogs Canada provides a resource of over 6,800 Canadian blogs as well as Blog tool reviews, blog news, an in house blog and top 10 weekly blog review page.

Others looking to setup review and links sites can not go past Blogs Canada for inspiration. A good review/ links site offers more than links: it offers more to its readers for repeat custom: and Blogs Canada succeeds in this.

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  • Blogs Canada is an amazing resource–not just for Canadians, but for anyone looking for really interesting blogs and information about blogging. I use it several times a day–especially the news pages and the information on blogging tools.

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