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Blogs are bad virus spreads to New Jersey

Blogs are bad virus spreads to New Jersey

The blogs are bad for kiddies virus continues to make its way across middle America, with reports from the CSMonitor of a new outbreak in New Jersey.

13-year-old Shannon Sullivan of Wood-Ridge, N.J, was not only made to stop blogging by her parents, she’s also been named and shamed in the Chrsitan Science Monitor as well.

As few interesting quotes: “Personal Web pages for the preadolescent and teenage set seem to have become as common as diaries and locker decorations once were.” and “Internet stalkers have killed at least four minors in the past three years, and law enforcement authorities count about 5,000 reports of attempted sexual predation over the Internet in the past year”

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As in not unusual in these outbreaks, the mass hysteria of blogs are bad for kiddies makes blogging out to be the biggest risk facing the school kids, with no mention of guns, drugs or other teen ailments.

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  • And yet many schools have started blogs and allow kids to create their own (that’s here in Scotland). I do so love these knee-jerk reactions though, fascinating to watch them spread, and very very scary.

  • Scary indeed how a little ignorance and a lot of hysteria make these “viruses” spread around. As usual, they throw in all sorts of incidents and hope that somehow a connection will stick, thus scaring everyone in the process. Amusing as it can be to watch knee-jerk reactions, we should be concerned as well. A lot of bad legislation and proposals get passed because of knee-jerk reactions because no one actually gave any serious thought to what they were doing or consequences. Me? I am blogging away anyhow.

  • Specifically, we have to be worried about morons like this (from the above-linked article)

    For example, she got her daughter a cellular phone, she says, “so I always know where she is.” She calls her daughter at least once every 30 minutes whenever she’s not in school.

    This brings to light two things:
    1) Apparently, at least in America, we need to start considering Parenting Licenses. This would, ideally, prevent folks like the above mom from having kids.
    2) It’s idiots like that mom who sadly influence our congresscritters. “We must PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AT ALL COSTS!”

    So pathetic.

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