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BlogUpp! Promises Highest Link Exchange Ratio

BlogUpp! Promises Highest Link Exchange Ratio

First came BlogRush and then Entrecard; does the blogosphere have room for another link/banner exchange program? Since most bloggers would do anything for an extra few clicks, here’s the scoop on BlogUpp!, a free service that promises to “Connect smart.”

Signing up is a breeze, without any type of registration. Just enter your blog’s link, grab the snippet of code and embed on your blog. According to the company, “BlogUpp! snapshots your blog and reads your RSS regularly.”

I placed the snippet on my Jobacle blog (scroll to the bottom and look in the right column); a 350px x 150px banner instantly appeared. Basically, a screenshot of your Website is shown, that when moused over, show s a sentence or two from your latest RSS feed.

I imagine that over time the content will be customized to your specific blog. As of now, the ads showing up are for Virus protection and for something in Spanish. Meanwhile, the blog is career driven and written in English. In fairness, the BlogUpp! Website says, “All submitted blogs are analyzed individually and approved manually in a timely manner.”

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Each link opens a new window and you can expect your link to appear in a 10:9 ratio, making it, according to the BlogUpp! folks, the “highest (exchange ratio) in the industry.”

Adult blogs need not apply. BlogUpp! is a self-proclaimed family-friendly service.

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  • Sounds great, but it could potentially cost your blog a drop in page rank.

    To my memory, last time a company came out with this Google frowned upon it (as it had something to do with “automatically generated links” which they see as evil).

  • Hello.
    This is a BlogUpp! representative.

    We are also concerned about maintaining a positive Google attitude towards those using BlogUpp! service.
    That’s why we’ve been analyzing this issue thoroughly, and concluded that there is no such Google rule, that is to penalize or alter the PageRank while using iframe embedded links.
    BlogUpp! does not have a purpose to exchange links targeting PageRank increasing. The service is also not linking any sites with “questionable” filling.
    All it stands for, is to discover new connections for bloggers with quality content, and help new readers find great resources, which we call in other words as “driving traffic”.
    As per the information available in Google webmaster groups, and other related resources, this is not the behavior to punish for. Google itself promotes sites providing quality content, and BlogUpp! is just to support it, the bloggers and the readers.

    Quoting a Google guru: “iframes are like the force – they can be used for great good or great evil”. As long as we are using them for decent purposes, we expect to be treated correctly.

    Best web wishes to you all.

  • I just added it to one of my blogs as a test; hope what they say is true…we will see.

  • Hi
    I just added blogupp to my blog. i have google adsense running on it. will there be a problem with google if i add blogupp.please answer. was trying to find answer for this on goolge but cldnt get any information

  • Inlinks or inbound links are great for the SERPs. who knows any large free blogs to exchange links with? My blog is about blog profits , it’s pinoy because I dedicate my work for filipinos who wants to make money online. earn their way from blogging. Because I heard a lot of scamming activities in the country. Anybody? good inbound links resources?

  • @sirila, also have been concerned about it, and found a good answer on blogupp blog at saying:

    “Blog promotion is a common vital practice for any blogger, and BlogUpp! offers nothing other than a decent service in that sense.

    Unlike paid-to-surf and paid-to-click (PTC) services, BlogUpp! doesn’t credit its participating sites for clicks and doesn’t incentivize them in any form. It promotes quality blogs by respecting and relying on the same principles as AdSense itself does. Which means in the end that online users landing on a blog via BlogUpp! widget or blog directory are readers naturally interested in blogger’s message broadcasted within BlogUpp! community.

    The slogan “automated blog promotion” has nothing to do with “auto-surf” and alike. It just means that BlogUpp! intends to help bloggers in blog promotion autonomously, without the blogger dedicating time to the service.

    BlogUpp! itself is a proud AdSense partner, and the blog directory is an evidence of it.”

  • Really I am amazed to know about blogupp …and Jobacle blog…I am now watching the sites on the other browsers tab..lets see using my blogs; I got some results or not your title says ” BlogUpp! Promises Highest Link Exchange Ratio”…

  • I would rather have a note from adsense rather than something blogupp indicates. This is in reference to Bill’s message. Has anyone lost their adsense account because of using blogupp?

  • Blogupp is awesome, i use it on all my blogs. not only do i get traffic from it and i’ll say the traffic exchange rate is very fair you get what you give and a little bit more.

    But it also helps me find other cool blogs to read. Keep up the great work blogupp.

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