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Bridgewater College hosts senior art thesis exhibition

Bridgewater College hosts senior art thesis exhibition

Art Thesis Exhibition

Bridgewater College is set to host a senior art thesis exhibition, displaying the four years’ worth of efforts from over a dozen of their art and digital media art students. This event, organised from Monday, April 22, to Friday, May 3, not only celebrates the accomplishments of these students but also serves as their first exposure to a public audience.

The exhibition will showcase a range of mediums and techniques, including painting, sculpture, digital media, and photography. The Beverly Perdue Art Gallery at the John Kenny Forrer Learning Commons is the place to be on Monday, April 22, as the opening reception takes place. Followed by a gallery discussion happening at Bowman Hall on Tuesday, April 23, these events are open to everyone.

Beyond the opening, the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery offers an extensive look at the unique artworks and sculptures from these students throughout the week. The gallery is supported by a team of knowledgeable staff who provide key insights about each piece. Don’t forget to swing by our gift shop for a unique souvenir or recharge at our café.

Showcasing senior artistry at Bridgewater

This gallery truly invites everyone to dive deep into the world of art.

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Among the exhibiting students are Isabelle Bauer, Khari Dublin, Sarah Henneberger, and Lydia Hough, each showcasing their unique artistic perspectives. While Bauer’s digital posters showcase her love for coastal vistas, Dublin’s animated film humorously explores human emotions. Henneberger presents a tech-integrated project with an interactive game and additional prints, and Hough expresses emotive themes of sorrow and fading memories through her acrylic paintings.

As they prepare for the transition post-graduation, each student has mapped out their unique paths. Bauer intends to bring her creativity to content development; Dublin plans to venture into advertising and design. Henneberger will extend her education at the same institution, while Hough expresses her fascination with exploring themes of grief in future artworks. This grand exhibition indeed illustrates a bright future for these budding artists and their artistic endeavors.

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