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Artists Yoshimoto, Van Aubel showcase for Lexus at Milan Design Week

Artists Yoshimoto, Van Aubel showcase for Lexus at Milan Design Week

"Milan Design Showcase"

Acclaimed artists Hideki Yoshimoto and Marjan Van Aubel are joining the Milan Design Week, creating remarkable installations for automobile titan Lexus in an event that has expanded from a small-scale furniture fair to a worldwide celebration of innovative design.

Yoshimoto and Van Aubel, chosen for Lexus’s exhibition, each bring their distinctive artistry. Yoshimoto will be revealing a piece that intertwines design and technology ideologies. While Van Aubel, known for her sustainable designs, intends to put forward a project themed around environmental awareness.

These two distinct artists coming together for the Lexus exhibit signifies the brand’s dedication to nurturing creativity and pushing design boundaries. Their collaboration is commendable, highlighting the evolving world of design and reflecting the increasing significance of cross-disciplinary collaborations for our future.

The festival’s epicenter is at Superstudio on Via Tortona. Here, Lexus’s exhibit stands out, displaying more than their cars. Unique art installations visualizing their future vision for automobile design are also on display. The theme this year is ‘Time’.

Yoshimoto and Van Aubel’s Innovative Installations at Milan Design Week

Visitors can immerse themselves in various installations revolving around this concept, signifying a mix of traditional craft techniques and modern technologies in vehicle design.

Apart from the thrilling exhibitions, Lexus also hosts insightful talks by architects and designers, panel discussions, and workshops. An exclusive launch of a new Lexus car model is also planned during the festival, which aims to redefine the boundaries of luxury and innovation in the automotive industry.

The festival paints a vivid picture of the automobile industry’s future, as envisioned by Lexus. A fusion of art, design, technology, and luxury, the festival encapsulates the brand’s mission to create amazing experiences, pushing creativity and innovation.

Inspiring installations like ‘Beyond the Horizon’ by Hideki Yoshimoto and ‘Resonance of Elements’ by Rhizomatiks will be on display. These exhibits urge viewers to imagine a future where technology and sustainability coexist. Other highlights include sculptures emphasizing Lexus’s focus on customization, embodying the brand’s commitment to personalized luxury.

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A stand-out outdoor installation from Marjan Van Aubel, ‘8 Minutes and 20 Seconds’, is a solar-powered full-sized replica of the LF-ZC. Here, guests can trigger a personalized “sunrise” effect, merging art with renewable energy to deliver a unique experience.

‘8 Minutes and 20 Seconds’ aims to transform our perception of time through technological advancement. This installation, according to Lexus’s Chief Branding Officer, Simon Humphries, represents the objectives of the entire exhibition.

Overall, the Milan Design Week promises an intriguing blend of art, science, and technology, presenting time and light in fresh, inventive ways. All this while highlighting Lexus’s commitment to crafting vehicles that break conventional norms and inspire awe.

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