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BurrellesLuce gets nasty with competitors: we cover more blogs than the rest, a whole 1050 of them

BurrellesLuce gets nasty with competitors: we cover more blogs than the rest, a whole 1050 of them

US Media Monitoring service BurrellesLuce has put out an extraordinary press release this week in which it states “Despite competitors’ claims, BurrellesLuce covers more web logs, and notifies you sooner than any other media monitoring service.”.

The total number of blogs covered: 1050 and rising! Wow, so many blogs, I’m sure the competition is quaking in its boots, I wonder though if The Blog Herald is in this massive list.

But wait, there’s more!

“BurrellesLuce is constantly assessing both new and existing blogs for inclusion within its monitoring and reporting structure. Most blogs are merely the irrelevant musings of an individual. However, when a blog takes on significant importance as either a news or an industry “source,” BurrellesLuce quickly adds it to the monitoring mix. Additionally, clients can request that certain blogs be included within their monitoring assignment, and BurrellesLuce will accommodate those requests.

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That’s right folks: there are only 1050 or so interesting blogs on the net and the rest of you only partake in irrelevant musings.

I think they went to the same PR school as SixApart. :-)

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  • While it is true there are many, many newsworthy blogsites in operation, it is also true that there are many, many, many MORE sites whose caretakers simply believe they are newsworthy. Nowadays it seems anyone who starts a blogsite takes it personally if they aren’t looked at as the next Wall Street Journal. Let’s face it, 90% of blog sites are trash.

    Having said that, I do agree there would seem to be more than 1050 of them worth monitoring. I work for Burrellesluce and while it seems they do tend to wade into new endeavors a bit slowly, I have found that they do manage to do a professional job in all areas once involved. My prediction would be that, given time, they will once again prove to be the leader in this area as well. My advice….quit your whining and sit tight.

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