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Canadian bloggers post death threats aimed at Karla Homolka

Canadian bloggers post death threats aimed at Karla Homolka

Canadian bloggers are gaining headlines for issuing death threats against Karla Homolka, Canada’s newly released celebrity prison who served 12 years for the rapes, torture and murders of three teenage girls, including her younger sister.

According to The Daily Journal the threats have resulted in an application from Homolka’s lawyers for a supression order that would precent media outlets reporting here whereabouts due to the threats from the undisclosed bloggers.


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“Earlier Monday, one of her attorneys, Christian Lachance, told Quebec Superior Court Judge Maurice Lagace that his client was too afraid to testify at the hearing to consider a media blackout. Because Homolka’€™s safety could not be assured by police, he said the media must be prevented from reporting her whereabouts to protect her from threats against her life, mostly by Internet bloggers”

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  • I thought I recognized that name. I remember when people were up in arms because Americans were selling a “Homolka Plead Guilty” T-shirt. Nothing really on the web about that one, but I managed to find it in Google Groups. So I must have read about that either on Usenet or on a mailing list. Back then, it might even have been via Fidonet!

    Talk about something living past it’s 15 minutes.

  • She raped and tortured and killed young girls including her own sister…I hope she never gets left alone, I hope her guilt weighs on her conscience like thier deaths way on their loved ones memories…

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