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CellSpin announces iPhone mobile blogging application

CellSpin announces iPhone mobile blogging application

CellSpin has announced that its software will now support Apple’s iPhone, allowing users to capture audio, photos, and text, and publish to blogs on a number of popular platforms including Blogger, Live Journal, Live Spaces, and TypePad, as well as other popular sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Picasa, Flickr, and eBay.

Various types of media are supported, including voice blogging, photo blogging, and standard text blogging.

A more dubious use, according to the press release, is the ability to “record candid audio conversations and embarrass friends” (they will kill you when they find out), as well as — more seriously — being able to securely send media to eBay auctions, set up podcasts, send voice meeting minutes to a blog, and take part in CellSpin’s community blogs (“clogs”).

CellSpin CEO and co-founder Bobby Gurvinder Singh said, “The iPhone is the mobile platform CellSpin was created for. This perfect blend of our elegant application and Apple’s sophisticated hardware produces a combination that is intuitive to the user, yet also a tour de force of technical capabilities. CellSpin is the coolest app for the hottest handset in the market today.”

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CellSpin is already available for a variety of other mobile phone operating systems, including Symbian, Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0, Palm OS and BlackBerry.


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  • Cell Spin is a great app, but the only problem is that you are not able to publish both text and images at the same time, making it useless for services like Blogger (which you can do both via email-to-blogspot feature).

    Their audio feature sounds great however, and it is definitely better than Lifecast (which only posts images and text to Tumblr–and just text to Blogger).

  • If it doesn’t support WordPress then it isn’t worth developing. Right now WordPress is the top dog (or at least has the most momentum behind it) and because of that all blogging applications need to support it.

  • Hi Darnell and Michael,

    Both those features are coming in our next release in 3-4 weeks time.

    WordPress Support and Description Text for the Photo and Audio to help you blog better.


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