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CG Life acquires Berry & Company, expanding medical tech capabilities

CG Life acquires Berry & Company, expanding medical tech capabilities

"Medical Tech Expansion"

CG Life, reputed for its holistic marketing solutions, recently acquired Berry & Company Public Relations – a PR firm renowned for its medical technology and life sciences expertise. The merger bolsters CG Life’s capabilities in the medical and biopharma sectors, courtesy of Berry & Company’s deep knowledge in medical technology PR.

Berry & Company demonstrates over 25 years of excellence in healthcare communication, excelling in PR services like traditional and sponsored media, managing social media campaigns, content creation, and crisis management. The company has built a formidable reputation across, rare diseases, oncology, immunology, neurologic diseases, and orthopedic surgery specialties. The company brings to the table innovative strategies and a track record of successful brand growth, which CG Life intends to leverage.

Berry & Company’s expertise extends to digital marketing, a field where they’ve established a potent presence through persuasive campaigns on social media platforms. The PR firm has also displayed a knack for navigating health-related crisises, their swift and efficient responses being a testimony to their damage control prowess.

CG Life CEO David Ormesher lauded Berry & Company for their extensive pharmaceutical knowledge and strategic positioning in New York. Ormesher believes that this move will mark a significant breakthrough for CG Life in the global medical communication sector, especially with the inclusion of Berry & Company’s exceptional talent base.

The acquisition follows CG Life’s procurement of Toolhouse, a pioneer in biopharma digital marketing, in April 2024.

CG Life enhances medical tech with Berry & Company acquisition

Post-acquisition, the integration of CG Life, Toolhouse and Berry & Company is expected to present a more expansive service range, combined expertise and promising results for clients. The merger has been successfully executed in August 2024, renewing CG Life’s commitment towards ascending as a leader in science-based, tech-forward healthcare communications.

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The merger aims to build and harmonize a versatile service offering, achieving efficiency and holistic solutions for client needs. Overall, the landscape looks upbeat with CG Life and the newly-acquired entities venturing into collaborations and strategizing to command a more significant market share.

Following the acquisition, key personnel from Berry & Company, including its founder, has joined CG Life’s leadership. Speaking about the merger, the collective leadership has expressed optimism, anticipating a future of innovative strategies and superior service delivery. The team looks forward to achieving newer milestones by leveraging their shared vision and values.

With over two decades of experience delivering integrated marketing solutions, the acquisition stands proof of CG Life’s commitment to science and innovation. The merger enhances CG Life’s capabilities on a broader range of scientific disciplines while staying true to its dedication to demonstrate the importance and impact of science.

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