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Creative Weblogging Looking to Lease Blogs

Creative Weblogging Looking to Lease Blogs

If you think leasing was only for cars, buildings and office space, think again. You can now lease your blog to Creative Weblogging. This could be a good alternative to selling blogs outright, or applying for a blogging position with a blog network. The arrangement is basically for CW to market your blog, and to provide technical, administrative and creative support to your blog at their expense.

Creative Weblogging posts its requirements here.

Simply – It’s more fun together, less hassle and often more money for you. We pay for all services surrounding your blog. You ‘just’ blog – we do not interfere with what you write at all. Also we help you to make your blog even more famous and after ‘the lease’ is over you can sell your blog to whoever you wish.

The standard “lease” period is 36 months, during which CW will import the contents of an existing blog into their servers, and integrate the site within the network. The “lessor” need not spend on anything, except perhaps exert some effort in actually creating good content for the blog. The blog owner is then paid per post, and a traffic bonus.

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Interested bloggers can head on to CW’s publisher application form.

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  • Thanks for the tip. I’ve actually done several posts for Creative Blogging when they allowed users (from anywhere) to submit posts to their site.

    The pay rate was around $4/post, although they are offering $7/post on this one.

    Despite their willingness to pay more than $7/post, I would not see the value in signing up, especially if the minimum page view requirement is 50 thousand which should earn you a decent commission–if you are using Ad Sense that is.

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