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Dave Winer more popular than Jesus says Dave Winer

Dave Winer more popular than Jesus says Dave Winer

Blog-god Dave Winer has posted that he is more influential than John Lennon, and John Lennon was more popular than Jesus, say by Winer’s reckoning he’s more popular than Jesus.

Remaining humble though, he credits Rush Limbaugh as being more popular in terms of podcasting, but says this is a temporary aboration only.

Winer did not elaborate as to when the Children of Winer were to pursue their next crusade, of when the Church of Winerality would be sending missionaries to the third world.

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  • He recently appealed on his blog for someone to give him $1500 to cover his expenses at an event. Lo and behold, a company emerged and paid up. I imagine he did a little laying on of hands, and waving incense in the air on their behalf. If I thought I could get away with it … but no, I don’t have a beard!

  • There is another Lennon connection with Dave Winer. A fellow called Brian Wilson wrote scholarly works about Dave’s uncle, the German author Arno Scmidt.

    I’ve often wondered what would have happened if Dave’s uncles had ever met- I pictured something along the lines of this, with Dave as moderator:

    Uncle rabid atheist, meet Uncle “manichean god” or:

    Uncle near-solipsist, meet Uncle total solipsist.

  • Re:

    Sorry, in my last comment about Dave Winer’s uncles, I meant to say, Brian Lennon, not Brian Wilson.

  • Dave Winer followed the patriarchal template
    to create his persona :

    the nerdish hipster.

    It’s spoiled by his penchant for abusive outbursts,
    followed by a revisionist calm.

    Give Winer a fat cigar and some coke,
    and you have a reasonable facsimile of
    Sigmund Freud,
    minus the human insight.

    Now, if Dave wants to do some really serious
    myth-creation, a la Mark Twain,
    he needs to write his autobiography.

    Just stuff it as full of bullshit as possible,
    like a hot sausage into its casing,
    till it’s near bursting…
    and be sure to throw in a few statuesque “babes”,

    Who knows?
    Maybe you can even work Joan Baez
    into it somehow.

    Will you put Leonardo di Caprio in it, for me, please?

    Say thank you to your uncle VavaVoom,
    Dave Winer.

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