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Did Russia Launch A DDoS Against Twitter, Facebook, YouTube And LiveJournal In Order To Silence One User?

Did Russia Launch A DDoS Against Twitter, Facebook, YouTube And LiveJournal In Order To Silence One User?


Following Wednesday’s Twitter outage (in which the site is still recovering from), it looks as if there was a connection between Twitter going down, as well as Facebook, LiveJournal and YouTube experiencing problems.

(CBS News) A pro-Georgian blogger with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and Google’s Blogger and YouTube was targeted in a denial of service attack that led to the site-wide outage at Twitter and problems at the other sites on Thursday, according to a Facebook executive.

The blogger, who uses the account name “Cyxymu,” (the name of a town in the Republic of Georgia) had accounts on all of the different sites that were attacked at the same time, Max Kelly, chief security officer at Facebook, told CNET News.

Cyxymu’s Twitter account, and YouTube channel seem to be back up, although his Facebook page and LiveJournal Blog are apparently down as of this writing.

Despite the fact that Cyxymu lives in free and democratic nation of Georgia, his views apparently did not sit well with Russia, prompting the attack that crippled some of the hottest internet sites online.

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While this type of censorship is unacceptable, bloggers (especially those in free nations) should take note that freedom of speech often comes with a price–and should contact their hosts to find out whether they have to resources to defend against a DDos (or at least spare them the bandwidth bill when one occurs).

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  • It’s sad that somone that is a great programmer, will live as a hacker, and do such things as DDos attacks. I’m sure many of them would have been great developers. It’s simply a shame :(

  • Well, I’ve developed many tools that can be used for small DoS attacks, and many people have used them for this kind of illegal use or altered the software to do so.
    I do know as a network experienced developer that DDoS’ing is no laughing matter nor is it a toy to have a bot-net that can do this, I’ve also had my experience with these also but there is nothing we could do to stop it unless these companies are willing to pay the hosting fees for top notch anti-ddos hosting services I’m sure their hosting service they currently had has some type of feature to fight against this but there are ways to stop the attack but it is costly I for one thing could stop it but it would take some time saying the fact that this is happening all the way out in Russia where they have nothing to worry about. I’m sure their government doesn’t mind them taking out our 5 star companies since their government is so against our ways.

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