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Drunken Social Media: Last Night Never Happened App

Drunken Social Media: Last Night Never Happened App

Last Night Never HappenedFacebook and Twitter have allowed our lives to become more interconnected and while that connectivity is great for reconnecting with old friends and staying in touch with current ones, it can also mean airing our dirty laundry, a fact that can be exasperated by a drunken night of debauchery. Thankfully if you’re a “serial poster” when drunk and don’t have the time to fix last nights tweets and wall posts there’s now an app for that.

Developed by 22Seeds and called “Last Night Never Happened” the iPhone/iPad/iPod app can be purchased for $1.99 from the Apple App Store.

The program is simple to use, just type in what time you started drinking and the application goes through your connected social media accounts and deletes all messages from the time you started drinking until the moment you run the program. Users can also choose to only delete certain hours, for example Midnight through 6am.

On the website the developer states:

“We all get carried away sometimes and end up posting embarrassing tweets and photos of ourselves and our friends, forgetting that all of our Facebook and Twitter contacts can see them, family and potential employers included.

“Last Night Never Happened is the life-saving app that will help you avoid letting those posts spread on the internet and save you a lot of embarrassment.”

Just a thought, it would be cool if you could tell the app before you start drinking so you can avoid embarrassment all together, perhaps even an option to allow tweets and Facebook wall posts at a certain time.

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