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Dryvve Emerges as Largest Woman-Owned Merchandise Agency

Dryvve Emerges as Largest Woman-Owned Merchandise Agency

Emerging Dryvve

Charleen Smotrycz, former president of Consolidated Marketing Services, has successfully rebranded the company into Dryvve, making it the biggest certified woman-owned branded merchandise agency on the East Coast.

This significant shift was made possible through Smotrycz’s exemplary leadership and continuous dedication. Dryvve now provides a wide range of promotional services, with a steadfast commitment to an exceptional client experience.

Smotrycz, who initiated Consolidated Marketing Services back in 1987, leveraged her in-depth understanding and 40 years of experience in the promotional merchandise market, aiming to create a centralized destination for all promotional marketing requirements.

The change to Dryvve is seen as a key progression in the company’s growth narrative. This transition exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation while marking a major milestone in its journey towards actualizing their global goals.

In 2021, a pivotal merger occurred between Consolidated Marketing Services and New Jersey’s Progressive Promotions, resulting in the emergence of Dryvve. This merger harmonized both companies’ distinctive skills, creating a comprehensive marketing powerhouse designed to redefine industry norms.

Now, as a leading woman-run branded merchandise agency in the U.S, Dryvve caters to a variety of organizations, offering customized merchandise solutions. Among its goals, Dryvve is invested in supporting other women-owned businesses, placing a significant focus on mentorship programs meant to promote women in international business leadership roles.

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Smotrycz stresses the potential benefits of women-led collaborations in business, both from a creative and problem-solving stance. She thinks such joint efforts can inspire innovation, enhancing business output, and fostering a healthier work environment.

Having established a successful company that is committed to delivering high-quality products, superior customer service, and innovative solutions, Smotrycz’s story serves as inspiration to female entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe.

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