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Edlund’s artwork blends AI and fame

Edlund’s artwork blends AI and fame

"AI Fame Artwork"

Norwegian graphic artist, Bård Edlund, has created a captivating visual art series named ‘Celebrities Kissing Themselves’. This collection explores the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and celebrity culture, resulting in mesmerizing images of famed personalities involved in tender embraces with their duplicates.

Each piece conjures up an unsettling adaptation of the familiar, as well as a profound reflection on how media saturation and AI intervention can reshape our reality.

However, Edlund’s work is not just aesthetically intriguing; it challenges us to contemplate the effects of AI on our society, particularly in the context of our understanding and appreciation of fame.

Known for his inventive approach to digital artistry, Edlund has achieved recognition both in Oslo and around the world. His unique exploration into the world of celebrity culture through the lens of AI is opening up new conversations around art, technology, and societal norms.

Edlund succeeded in turning his childhood passion for graphics, comics, and logos into a thriving graphic design career in the US. Throughout his professional journey, he has preserved his distinct and avant-garde style.

Edlund’s AI-infused examination of fame

His work is not merely visually stunning but also communicates deep messages, turning designs into conversations.

In 2012, Edlund broke free from the constraints of the web design industry to set up his own studio. His transition enabled him to nurture his passion for illustration and animation, providing an environment to breed creativity and innovation.

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Keen to delve into the significance of AI, Edlund once experimented with AI-generated beauty contestant images, which ended up looking more like rough porcelain dolls. This experiment underscores AI’s limitations in replicating the subtlety and creativity inherent in art and human features.

From this exploration emerged his ‘Celebrities Kissing Themselves’ series, featuring famous figures like Donald Trump, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Elon Musk. Using the Genie tool by Luma Labs, he effectively highlighted imperfections in AI.

Edlund sees a future where AI aligns with the spirit of artists by embracing imperfections. He believes this approach will underscore the value of originality in our technology-driven society, allowing the unique facets of humanity and art to shine.

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