UK gaming company seeks Senior Games Designer

Gaming Designer

A leading UK gaming company located in Burton Upon Trent has announced a job opening for a Senior Games Designer. The role involves developing creative casino games tailored for diverse global markets. The ideal candidate will have a strong sense of creativity, a keen understanding of gaming strategies, and the ability to engage and impress audiences worldwide.

The Senior Games Designer will spearhead the creation of exciting game concepts and storylines, while working in tandem with a team of designers, developers, and market strategists. The role requires a deep understanding of global audience preferences and cultural nuances.

In addition to developing new games, the role involves monitoring market trends and the performance of existing games. The successful applicant will need to devise smart strategies for future content. Furthermore, possessing a broad knowledge of different game mechanics and an aptitude for innovative design is desirable.

The role demands strong demonstrable experience in game design, a compelling portfolio, excellent leadership skills, attention to detail, and unwavering passion for gaming. This challenging role presents a unique opportunity to shape the future of casino gaming with designs that appeal to players across the globe.

The gaming company offers a lively, supportive work environment, a competitive salary package, and attractive perks.

UK gaming firm hiring Senior Designer

The Senior Games Designer role encapsulates brainstorming, meticulous planning, and cooperation with a diverse production team. The successful applicant will guide the development team to perfect game mechanics and other elements.

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The role requires creative and insightful thinking, as the holder will be responsible for the game’s underlying system and rules. They will also create thrilling levels, puzzles, and scenarios to boost player engagement, and will collaborate with the testing team to rectify any bugs or glitches.

The ideal candidate should possess a passion for gaming, strong interpersonal and communication skills, and prior experience in creating and distributing casino or slot games. Proficiency in design tools, the ability to work independently, and expert knowledge of software development processes are also required. Familiarity with mobile game development platforms such as Unity or Unreal Engine is highly desirable. A degree in game design, computer science, or a related field, or a solid portfolio of previously shipped games is preferred.

The company offers a vast array of benefits including personal and professional development accounts, holiday perks, flexible work schedules, and a discretionary bonus scheme. There’s also a comprehensive health and wellness program, regular team-building activities, and the company invests significantly in its employees’ growth and well-being to curate a superb working environment.

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