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Facebook Courting PayPal

Facebook Courting PayPal

After informing developers of the need to embrace OAuth and HTTPS (news a few developers didn’t enjoy), Facebook is now throwing developers a perk by allowing them to receive payments beyond Facebook Credits.

Starting today, developers signing up for Facebook Credits will have the option to use PayPal as a payout option. Adding PayPal offers more flexibility and choice for payouts and makes it even easier to monetize your app with Facebook Credits.

When signing up for Facebook Credits for the first time, you can now add an existing PayPal account in the onboarding flow. You can also sign up for a new PayPal account by securely repurposing all the information you entered for Credits Onboarding to create a PayPal account. (Facebook Developers Blog)

According to Facebook, over 250 developers upon 500 apps have embraced Facebook Credits, which although significant still seems small considering that the social giant boats thousands of apps.

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By embracing PayPal, Facebook is able to attract more developers who might be weary of Facebook’s in house currency system, as well as expand in more countries where Facebook Credits is not an option.

For those of you who create apps upon Facebook, is the PayPal integration a blessing for your app? Also would you prefer another method besides PayPal and Facebook Credits?

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