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Facebook Font Size Addressed By Facebook….Exclusively On Twitter

Facebook Font Size Addressed By Facebook….Exclusively On Twitter

Facebook LogoI use Twitter as a means to get company’s attention all the time. For example, I recently reached out to my cable provider after their phone representatives proved useless, 10 minutes later a month worth of issues were fixed. I also see issues being addressed by people in my stream all the time, but my favorite Twitter complaint user has to be Facebook.

In the social networks case, Facebook has been taking to Twitter to address visitors concerns. The use of the network started in full force when Facebook was experiencing down times several weeks ago and now they’ve used the service once again for a smaller issue, Font Size.

Recently Facebook had made their News Feed font size smaller, so small in fact that many users began complaining about how hard the feed was to read, in response Facebook posted the following Tweet:

“Thanks for the feedback on the font size. We’re listening and sharing it with our teams here.”

Here’s a screenshot from that tweet:

Facebook Font Size Twitter Message

What makes the notice unique is that Facebook has not addressed the issue on their own system, there are no forums setup to discuss the change, there are no auto-notifications about the change in Facebook, etc.

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No doubt Twitter and Facebook serve difference purposes in terms of how we communicate with our connections, perhaps in this case it was just much more simple for Facebook to throw out a quick notice at 140 characters or less than it would have been to create an entirely new notification in Facebook.

Well played Facebook.

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