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Facebook Places Debuts For iPhone, iPod Touch Devices

Facebook Places Debuts For iPhone, iPod Touch Devices

Facebook PlacesFacebook Places, a new option from the social network that allows users to “check in” to locations, debuted today with a focus on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The application, which became available on Wednesday night allows users to check into any location already in the company’s database, while adding new locations as they are discovered. Facebook users can then discover if any of their friends have checked into the same location, while also tagging their friends who are checking into the same location.

According to Dina Ely at Indyposted, the program is also slated to release for Google Android devices, the Blackberry Torch and the iPad.

If users are concerned with privacy issues, Facebook gives them the option to opt out of the feature, by default all check-ins are viewable to friends only, however you can open your check-ins up to everyone if for some strange reason you decide to do so.

Here’s a closer look at the apps simple to navigate display for Apple devices:

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What do you think about this feature? I’m ready to start using it immediately, but right now I’m sitting on my couch at 11:40 at night on a Wednesday, so I have nothing exciting to “Check In” for.

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  • the privacy issues are what I first thought of when reading about this news, but I’m glad that they already addressed it in this early stage.

  • I get why they moved into this space.. I don’t think they’ll kill 4SQ b/c it similar technology but being used in a different way (4SQ is some what of a game really for it’s users). The privacy will be the huge thing here and since it’s more of an opt-out rather then an opt-in service I think that has to be addressed.

  • I read Facebook teamed up with FourSquare for this feature, their aim was to add to and “better” Facebook’s social networking tool overall- not compete with 4SQ.
    And Dana is right, 4SQ is a game- not a tool.

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