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Facebook Promises Improvements To Chat Application, Ditches IE 6 Support

Facebook Promises Improvements To Chat Application, Ditches IE 6 Support

Facebook Chat LogoTwo years ago Facebook released their “chat” application, an option that allows Facebook users to talk to one another when logged into their accounts, since that time very few worthwhile improvements have been made to the program outside of some bug fixes. However in the last several weeks the program has become faster and more stable, with Facebook on Wednesday announcing improvements in the “coming weeks.”

Among the biggest considerations so far will be new features that Facebook promises were not possible with other legacy browsers and their older technologies and which will offer a “new experience” for Facebook chat users. If you weren’t aware, Facebook Chat is one of the most used applications on the social media website.

The other big news is that Internet Explorer Version 6.x and it’s archaic infrastructure will no longer be supported by Facebook as they attempt to remove buggy versions that can’t support the new technologies they are beginning to role out. Since Facebook realizes some users will need time to download a newer version of the browser software or an all together new browser, the change will fully take place on September 15th.

For users unfamiliar with how to upgrade their browser versions, you can download a newer version of IE here. You could also try out the more secure Mozilla Firefox browser or the Google Chrome browser.

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Now here’s my questions to our readers, what features do you hope will be implemented with the new release of Facebook chat. I personally would love a nice very sleek looking stand alone mobile chat app made by the Facebook developers, but considering they want the pageviews that come with on-site chat, I doubt I’ll see that anytime soon.  I would also settle for the ability to host chat groups or “private chats” with the program.

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  • I’m glad to hear that FB is ditching support for IE6. That archaic browser needs to go away, and hopefully this move from Facebook forces people/companies to upgrade.

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