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Facebook Remote Logout, Yet Another Layer Of User Account Protection

Facebook Remote Logout, Yet Another Layer Of User Account Protection

Facebook Logo Facebook wants their users to have active control over where there accounts are being accessed from and for that reason the world’s largest social networking website is rolling out a new feature which allows users to see what devices and locations are accessing their accounts and then remove them as they see fit.

The move is a smart one by Facebook, by doing so they can proactively fight back against spammers who steal accounts and then use the good names of those Facebook users to sell their products and phish for other users data.

Trusted source spamming has become a huge problem for Facebook as thousands of accounts have been compromised over the months, causing an uproar among Facebook users and security specialists. I reported last week about a Free iPad scam that hit the site while stealing personal information from users and that was just one of many examples.

A less nefarious reason for the program is also provided, since users who have forgotten to log out at public computers, such as coffee shops and internet cafes can now complete the logout process from any other location of their choosing.

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The new feature is being slowly rolled out to users and can be found in the Account Settings section under the “Account Security” section.

Hopefully the spammers don’t create another automated system to keep legitimate users out of their own accounts as they wreak havoc on their friends list.

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