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Facebook Simplifies The Photo Browsing Experience

Facebook Simplifies The Photo Browsing Experience

New Facebook AlbumsFacebook today revealed a new interface for browsing photos which provides larger photo thumbnails and a single page for photo viewing.

Users in the past could only view 20 photos at a time before clicking on a “next” button which helped keep down page load times, but required more clicking, while different photos sizes for each thumbnail left a less than desired output.

The new albums were in beta testing with select visitors for the last several weeks and now provides no pagination, just scroll down to the bottom of your photos and the new photos will automatically load.

The pictures you see on the new pages also feature  a standardized thumbnail size, leaving a more straightforward and clean output.

It’s not the first update Facebook has rolled out in recent weeks for their photo product, at the start of June the social network began implementing face detection software and they also pushed up the allowable size for photos to 720px.

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Here’s a before and after look at the new output:

New Facebook AlbumsWhat do you think about the new look for the Facebook photo profiles section?

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  • The new page certainly looks better then the original, its neater and thumbnails are bigger. But no pagination means that if the user has hundreds or even thousands of images they’ll be scrolling for a long time, this might even effect loading time.

  • I like this new change from Facebook as it’s going to save lots of time.. browsing between pages while accessing an album… Good move facebook… :)

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