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LOLapps Unblocked From Facebook After 2-Day Hiatus, Privacy Issues Resolved

LOLapps Unblocked From Facebook After 2-Day Hiatus, Privacy Issues Resolved

LOLappsLOLapps, one of the larger and more popular Facebook app creators was blocked from Facebook two days ago after it was determined that their programs were sending private user data to advertisers, now two days after the block Facebook has reinstated the provider.

Facebook and LOLapps have both come forward and admitted that most user data leaks were accidental and that developers in violation of such issues, including Zynga (maker of FarmVille and MafiaWars), have taken the necessary steps to be placed back on the company’s network.

LOLapps CEO Arjun Sethi posted the following message on his companies blog:

“When we were informed of the issue the relationship that put us into this category was immediately dissolved.”

Along with his announcement Sethi also said that LOLapps will release a new offering in the next few days.

The quick reinstatement shouldn’t come as a surprise to Facebook users, since the company relies on the best apps in the social networking space to sustain their business model while bringing in new users and keeping existing site visitors.

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Given how slow Facebook staff have been in the past to respond to privacy issues, I have to give it up to Zuckerberg and his team, they are finally reacting in the quick type of manner that should be expected from an active social media platform.

What do you think about the sites blocking of apps and quick reinstatement? Is it a good sign of Facebook finally owning their own privacy policy?

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