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Facebook Vs. Google – Privacy and Security Infographic

Facebook Vs. Google – Privacy and Security Infographic



Google vs FacebookWith Google attempting to play catch up in the social networking space many issues have arisen over who has the better Privacy and Security protocols in place when compared to Facebook.

What the Veracode designed infographic below shows is that regardless of what system you use they tend to operate in the same type of privacy and security space, both offering virtually identical protocol options with only a few small changes to their platform.

One glaring problem with Google’s system; they store data for 18 months after you delete your account however unlike Facebook they also offer HTTPS (Secured connections) as a default option rather than a Facebook opt-in request (not all Apps on Facebook work in HTTPS mode).

Here’s the Infographic so you can judge which network is better for privacy and security:

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Google vs Facebook Privacy Infographic

Which social network do you more trust with your personal data?

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