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Fiction Blog Leads to Book Contract

Fiction Blog Leads to Book Contract

David Wilson’s The Orphan, a novel initially published in blog form, will be the first publication from Cultural Research, a new alternative publishing house based in San Francisco. Wilson launched The Orphan as a blog last November and posted daily excerpts along with original songs inspired by the novel’s characters through mid-March. Cultural Research will publish The Orphan in book form in Autumn 2005 and an accompanying CD of the original music, attributed to The Orphans, may also be released.

The blog was originally described in the following manner: “The Orphan’ is David Wilson’s transcription of a found legend – a collection of cassette tapes discovered in an attic with an abandoned trombone. Among the tapes were recordings of the band ‘The Orphans,’ which
will be included.”

In addition, a discussion board was created and dialogue ensued regarding the mysterious origins of the tapes. Over time it became clear to many readers of David’s blog that the story was too well developed and the details drawn too clearly to simply be a lucky find. In fact, the unique characters posting on the accompanying discussion board raised the possibility that others were participating in extending the boundaries of a fictional creation.

Publisher Clyde Smith initially provided blogging space for David Wilson’s blog/novel at netweed, an online center for alternative culture and politics. Clyde Smith relates, “As the story unfolded I was simply drawn in by the unique tale and David’s excellent writing. Eventually I
realized that this novel really deserved to be in print and I decided to take the opportunity to launch Cultural Research as a small press with this great book.”

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  • I admit that the potential is there for a decent novel to come out of a blog…but I’m also skeptical. How many novels have been published which were initially blogs–do you know? I know that recently a young woman published a blog about her following Gloria Childs’ recipes and her journey to make one recipe each day, but that’s the only one i’ve read about. Any idea?

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