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Flickr Announces Photo Filters, Uses Twitter Favored SDK Provider Aviary

Flickr Announces Photo Filters, Uses Twitter Favored SDK Provider Aviary

Flickr Photo Filters

Flickr on Wednesday announced a set of its own photo filters, the platform was created by the Aviary, the same company that provided an SDK package for Twitter’s recently announced photo filters.

On its blog Aviary writers:

?Now, all Flickr users, on web and mobile, can make their photos look amazing with Aviary?s tools, filters and effects.”

Aviary’s software development kit (SDK) works across various mobile operating system. ?The system is?funded by Spark Capital, Jeff Bezos, Reid Hoffman and Walgreens.

Aviary claims to have 25 million active users and more than 2,000 SDK partners. Aside from Twitter and Flickr the company’s SDK also powers TwitPic, Box, Shopify and Mail Chimp.

The move to choose Aviary for Twitter made sense as both Spark and Jeff Bezos are invested in Twitter. Flickr, a Yahoo property appears to have formed its partnership simply to quickly launch a platform and stay relevant among users.

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Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has continued to dominate the social photo sharing space, however Twitter, Flickr and other networks have attempted to play catch up and photo filters are the most obvious solution at this time.

What do you think of the new Flickr photo filter option for smartphones?


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