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Flickr Gets A Little More Facebook Savvy

Flickr Gets A Little More Facebook Savvy

Flickr FacebookFlickr photos can now more easily and eloquently be displayed on a users Facebook account, directly on their News Feeds. The connection between both accounts, which can be easily setup by users, allows publically uploaded photos and videos to be auto shared with the users Facebook account.

To turn on the feature simply visit and then click on the “Connect” option.

If you have private photos on Flickr, don’t worry, they won’t be uploaded to your Facebook account, even more promising is the fact that if you set a private photo to “public” status at a later date it will also be shared on your Facebook news feed.

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Just remember to turn off the Flickr app via your Facebook account if it’s currently being used or you’ll end up annoying your friends with double posts of those pictures you took when you were on vacation and they were sitting in their cubicle wishing they got to go to Cancun.

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