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Flipboard Goes From 5 Million To 20 Million Users In 8 Months [Infographic]

Flipboard Goes From 5 Million To 20 Million Users In 8 Months [Infographic]

Flipboard User BaseSocial news reading platform Flipboard is on a tear, adding 15 million new users to its platform over the last eight months. With 20 million users now reading stories on the mobile platform the company has managed to quadruple its user base in less than one year.

The platforms biggest advantage of late has been its massive expansion from an iPad only application to options for iPhone devices and in June the launch of Google Android smartphone support. The company has also launched region-specific content in China, France, Germany, Korea, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Customers have also raved over the company’s new features including audio capabilities, Google+ access and premium content provided by?The New York Times.

Not everything has come up rosy for Flipboard, the company lost some of its premium publisher advertising partners in June and Flipboard co-founder and CEO Mike McCue is stepping down from Twitter’s board earlier this month, a move that could spell trouble for the company’s ability to find major content.

In any case Flipboard is excited to be sharing its recently successes and have released the following infographic


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Flipboard Userbase Infographic

I don’t think I could make it throughout the day without Flipboard at my side.?Are you a fan of the Flipboard social reader application?


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