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Foursquare iPhone and iPad Update Delivers ‘Radar’ Feature

Foursquare iPhone and iPad Update Delivers ‘Radar’ Feature

Foursquare RadariPhone and iPad users on Thursday were treated to the newest release of Foursquare and with that app release comes a brand new feature called Radar.

Radar works by allowing users to check-in at locations and then receive information about other hot spots they might want to try. For example Foursquare gives the example of following the list “2001 best dishes and drinks” at which point checking in at one of that lists locations will provide you with information about other spots in the area you might want to try.

The Radar system also provides users with ability to receive notifications when their friends are in the same area.

Foursquare users should be able to download the new version of Foursquare from the App Store or update their current Foursquare application from within their application update screen.

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