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FriendFeed Creates More Noise (Adds Twitter Import Friend Tool)

FriendFeed Creates More Noise (Adds Twitter Import Friend Tool)


For FriendFeed fanatics having a hard time separating the “noise” from value, it looks like your problem may become much worse thanks to a new tool that allows you to find out which of your Twitter friends is on FriendFeed–and subscribe to them.

(FriendFeed Blog) We’ve just added a friend importer for Twitter so you can easily find and subscribe to your Twitter friends who are already on FriendFeed.  

You may already have won! Your Twitter friends could already be using FriendFeed! Find them today!

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We’re looking forward to extending this capability to more services.

While it is pretty obvious why they choose to add Twitter first (as it was one of the dominent mediums during Obama’s Presidential innaugeration), hopefully they will consider adding other blog services (like WordPress, LiveJournal, TypePad and Blogger), not to mention Facebook as well.

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